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Founded in 1986, QPD international has grown into a leading global supplier, with an extremely broad array of manufacturing capabilities and highly trained staff. An acronym for “quality, Price, delivery”, QPD knows that these 3 factors, are the essential fundamentals in being the best source for your brand. From surf & street-wear and high performance & high fashion, QPD has a long history working with many of the leading brands around the globe.

QPD has a collection of factories located throughout Southeast Asia, and is capable of manufacturing a wide range of products, with extensive knowledge in leather and fabric belts / wallets, backpacks / handbags, headwear / knits, and footwear. QPD can consolidate your manufacturing demands into one direct source, making It easy to share fabrics molds and develop product combinations for a variety of applications. Special fabrics and hardware can be sourced and shipped between our tight networks, ensuring that your design is developed exactly to your specs. Our large network also allows us to provide our customers with the best pricing, as we can cater the proper factory to your design specifications and price point.

QPD has 4 offices locations in Los Angeles (El Monte), Shanghai (Pudong), Guangdong (Tongxia), and Taiwan. Designers and production managers are always welcome to visit any of our offices, where we can arrange and provide factory visits and also browse through our showrooms. If you prefer not to travel, we would be happy to arrange a visit to your office. With our extensive well trained and multi – lingual staff, you can count on good communication and execution of your designs. For production, all details are covered including custom packaging, trims, ticketing, and labels. Our 20yr + history, experience and extensive international Customer base will speak for itself.

With ever changing and increasing manufacturing standards, you can be assured that our factories will be up to your companies’ quality standards and requirements. In addition to the factory qc, QPD has its own in house quality control inspectors working continuously with our factories to insure the highest standards of workmanship and to insure global compliance.

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